Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP)

Stream 2: Boost Your Business

Government Funding to Digitize and Boost your Business

Access a $15,000 government grant for analysis and planning. Discover digitization and technology strategies to advance your business. Implement them with a $100,000* no-interest loan and multiple $7,300 wage subsidies.

$15,000 Digital Adoption Plan

Evaluate problems and discover opportunities. Learn how your business can grow with a custom Canada Digital Adoption Plan.

$7,300 Wage Subsidies

Harness the abilities of the next generation. Hire young adults to implement your Canada Digital Adoption Plan.

$100,000* No-interest Loan

Implement your Canada Digital Adoption Plan. Get the Hardware, Software, Training, and Skillset your business needs.


Successful companies are advancing their Digital Adoption. Here's why:



more likely to experience revenue growth



more profitable than less digital peers.



revenue growth for small businesses in future digital transformation over competitors without digital efforts.



of leaders say technology is very important to retaining competitive advantage.

What's Covered

Full-Spectrum Analysis

Your business will be analyzed top-to-bottom to find the most effective areas where digitization can improve your profits, efficiency, costs, etc. We'll look at everything, including:


Easy and clear communication between your staff, and between your customers and company, can build strong relationships and improve efficiency and precision.

Automation and AI

Work that is repeatable should be carried out by automation or AI, freeing up your employee's time to grow and develop new products and business.

Branding & Marketing

A strong brand makes for loyal clients, and draws in new ones if it shared effectively


Are you vulnerable to ransomware, malware, or hackers?


Employees can be just as effective in the office, at home, or in a hotel. Remote work expands your hiring pool from your municipality to the world.


Systems need to survive failures, lockdowns, natural disasters, protests, and mistakes.


There are certain requirements to qualify for the CDAP. The main ones are:


or more Gross Revenue in one of 3 previous tax years. Not more than $100mm


or more hours of payroll in an average week


Canadian-Controlled For-profit Corporation or Sole Properietorship


or less Employees

Our Process

Four simple stages to Boost Your Business.



Work with our consultants to apply to the CDAP program, which will provide up to $15,000 to cover 90% of the costs of producing a Digital Adoption Plan.


Analysis and CDAP

Our consultants will work with you and your business to evaluate your current state of technology, identify the best opportunities for digitzation to improve your business, and share all of this in a Canadian Digital Adoption Plan.



*The BDC will provide a $100,000 interest-free loan to implement the recommendations in the CDAP, with no payments for the first year and then payments over the following 5 years. Business with revenue less than $5mm will receive a $50,000 loan.



We will work to implement the software, hardware, training, and processes necessary to Boost Your Business!


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